Pipe systems

Strong all along the line - our pipe systems are made of high-quality and robust materials throughout, so that water only runs where you want it too. Our UniQuick assembly hero is super-easy to put together, detach and reuse according to the Lego principle. Thanks to the large selection of fittings and matching installation material, even complicated pipe runs can be implemented without any problems.

Especially practical: the opaque tubes inhibit the formation of algae. Holidays on wheels made easy!


Our pipe systems at a glance

UNIQUICK pipe system

Sewage pipe system

Waste water drain set

Fresh water manifolds

Syphons, drains and odour traps

REICH is an accessory specialist for recreational vehicles and Europe's leading manufacturer in the field of water supply for motorhomes and caravans. As a quality brand of REICH GmbH, Reich Water Solutions ensures pure drinking water and pure refreshment on tour.

Adventures rarely stop at borders. That's why you can rely on our service throughout Europe. We are at your side with words and deeds, so that in the case of an emergency everything runs again quickly.