Holiday with all your senses

The simple pleasure of washing off the day's exertions in the shower is the crowning glory of your personal travel comfort. And the eye enjoys it too - our showers shine with their excellent design and are specially developed for use in the mobile home. They really come into their own when space is limited.

The shower jet is designed for use in conjunction with submersible or pressure pumps. All shower sets are available as either swivelling or fixed. For installation in brackets in the shower room, various rosettes with 45° or 60° angles are available for 360° water enjoyment on the move.

Our shower series at a glance

Shower sets

Our shower sets make it easy for you: Combined ready-made, nothing stands in the way of your showering pleasure when travelling.

Hand showers

Just refresh yourself in between: Shower time is feel-good time.

Wall bars

With our sturdy, easy-to-install wall bars, you have both hands free when showering.

Hoses, connections, brackets