About REICH Water Solutions

For pure water on mobile trips


Real explorers are washed with all waters. This is exactly why we specialize in products and solutions that allow you to use and enjoy water on the go just as easily and safely as at home.

As a brand from REICH – THE QUALITY EXPERIENCE, we are the European leaders when it comes to the water supply in your motorhome or caravan. After all, we are all about the most important element of every trip. And we don't know any compromises.

When refining our high-gloss fittings, for example, we rely on the special COATEX process from REICH - the world's first electroplating process on an industrial scale that works completely without the chemical hexavalent chromium. Because in addition to quality and appearance, there is one thing that is particularly important to us with all our ideas: the safety of everyone who loves caravanning or is just discovering something new for themselves - from fittings to accessories.