Into the adventure!

With the water supply on the road.

In many respects, water is the most indispensable basis of life for humans and nature. However, clean drinking water is often not available in all regions. This is exactly where REICH Water Solutions comes into play: Our award-winning solutions ensure pure drinking water and pure refreshment on tour. So you can enjoy your next camping adventure to the fullest - no matter where your way takes you.


Popular products

LINNEA K - metal

Water fittings

myclean®water filling filter set

Water disinfection

TWISTER S - matte black

Water fittings

When not only the product but also the process shines.

We coat. Unlike most. And are proud of a globally unique process for the chrome VI-free electroplating of plastic parts. As a result, here in Eschenburg we are already setting the course for a more environmentally compatible future.


REICH is an accessory specialist for recreational vehicles and Europe's leading manufacturer in the field of water supply for motorhomes and caravans. As a quality brand of REICH GmbH, Reich Water Solutions ensures pure drinking water and pure refreshment on tour.

Adventures rarely stop at borders. That's why you can rely on our service throughout Europe. We are at your side with words and deeds, so that in the case of an emergency everything runs again quickly.