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Take off refreshed

Finally you are back in the vacation mood with your mobile travel companion! Now quickly freshen up your caravan or motorhome and the next trip can start.

So that the joy is not clouded by dirty pipes and dirty water, we have developed a clever solution: our water system cleaner easydriver myclean®tank. After all, clean water for washing or doing the dishes is an absolute must and indispensable on vacation. So it's a matter of reviving tired pipes. Instead of scrubbing, you can relax and look forward to your vacation, because myclean®tank does the work.

And it's that simple:

Empty the fresh water tank, add 0.5 l of myclean®tank cleaning agent and then fill up with water. Then it's "water march!" - and turn on all taps and consumers. If blue water flows out of the pipes, close everything again and let it soak in:

  • 25 l tank - 1 hour
  • 50 l tank - 2 hours
  • 75 l tank - 3 hours
  • 100 l tank - 4 hours

If the tank is very dirty, the cleaning agent can be left to work overnight.

After the soaking, the next step is to rinse the tank. To do this, turn on all the faucets and other water consumers and let the tank run completely empty. Then rinse the water tank thoroughly and fill it with fresh water. Now turn on all water consumers again and as soon as no more blue water flows, you are done. A little tip for the easy color check: Fill a glass with the water and place it on a white paper - this makes it easier to see.

Start your next vacation refreshed with myclean®tank:

  • 1 l cleaning agent for your caravan or motorhome.
  • 3% stable hydrogen peroxide reliably removes organic dirt and deposits
  • suitable for fresh water tank, fittings, pumps and waste water tank

Now the most beautiful time of the year can begin - clean!


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REICH is an accessory specialist for recreational vehicles and Europe's leading manufacturer in the field of water supply for motorhomes and caravans. As a quality brand of REICH GmbH, Reich Water Solutions ensures pure drinking water and pure refreshment on tour.

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